Behind the Scenes of All Across Africa!

By:  Taylor

While Modeste, Kristine, Ellie, Alison, and the weavers are busy at work in Rwanda and Burundi, we have staff at the San Diego office that keeps the day to day market-delivery operation running smoothly. We have been at the office for about one year now and we are still working every day to make the new space feel like home.

I was recently tasked with bringing a little bit of Africa and our love for our partners to our conference room. Cameron Karsten, a fantastic photographer based out of Washington, took wonderful photos of our partners, during his trip with us in East Africa. We decided to place some of these photos of the men and women on the wall.

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks. Now whenever we are meeting, we can’t forget the faces of those we serve and why we do what we do! Since we cannot always be with the artisans, our new wall allows us to engage with them from another part of the world.

photo (18)

We also mounted a chalkboard on the wall with Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” as all of the staff are living out what it means to be a change in the world through our rewarding careers.

photo 3

The new décor in our office are fun additions to continue to connect us to the people behind the products.

Our beautiful basket walls showcase two unique and fun ways to decorate open spaces. One is very symmetrical and organized while the other is asymmetrical and flows across the width of the wall.

photo 3 (1)                                    photo 1 (2)

As far as the day to day outside of our office décor, Bryan, our General Operations Manager, works hard every day to fill your product orders and oversee the day to day warehouse operations. No two days are the same at All Across Africa!

photo (17)

We’d love to hear from you about how you use your baskets to decorate your homes or offices.  Send us your photos on facebook or to

And, as always, check back soon for new products, decorating ideas and ways you too can personally connect with the men and women in Africa!


One comment

  1. I love the asymmetrical layout of the colorful patterned baskets on that neutral wall. And with the photos on clipboards, they can be easily switched out and rotated with new pictures as they become available! It looks like an inspiring place that helps keep your focus on the art and people.

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