Is there a health risk when you purchase products from Africa?

Ebola has devastated the people, communities and economies in West Africa.  Thousands have died, thousands have contracted the illness and thousands more are orphaned as a result.

At All Across Africa, we’re committed to helping people have healthy happy lives.  We want to see joy and dignity radiating on their faces and in their lives.  Our work is located in East Africa, thousands of miles away from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Being that our mission is focused on improving lives of the marginalized, our hearts are broken as we know the pain, suffering and devastation that is occurring on the other side of the continent we love so much.

We commend those involved in containing this health crisis – the doctors, nurses, and countless others risking their lives.   We believe as global citizens we all have a role to play to take care of others and protect ourselves.  At this stage, we’ve donated to support the work of Doctors without Borders and in the coming weeks and months as the Ebola crisis is contained, we look forward to applying our expertise of rebuilding communities and creating economic opportunity in West Africa.

Being that our work is thousands of miles away on the other side of the continent; our products are not produced in areas that have the disease.  Our baskets are woven 2,846 miles away from the Ebola crisis (LA to NYC is 2,440 miles away!).

Additionally, and most importantly, Ebola cannot live outside of the body on any dry or natural surface for more than a couple of hours (  Our products have a 4-6 week production cycle prior to making their way to our retail locations.

There is no health risk in purchasing products handmade

in East Africa by rural artisans.

Rwanda with All Across Africa

By purchasing products handmade in East Africa you are creating economic opportunity for men and women to feed their families, send their children to school have adequate housing and save for their futures.  You are part of the solution to putting an end to poverty!

As the Ebola crisis subsides and is under control, we hope to be able to help West Africa rebuild in a significant way, providing the victims of Ebola with the same hope and opportunity that we’ve created in East Africa.

Buy a basket. Change a life.

All Across Africa in Rwanda

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