Practical Design Tips from The Heather Company

All Across Africa partnered with The Heather Company in May of 2015.  Heather Draper, the Founder and Creative Director of The Heather Company, is a brilliant designer and entrepreneur.  We asked her to provide you all with a couple practical tips for decorating your home with All Across Africa items.  The following words are directly from Heather:

“We are so excited to be asked to share our thoughts on great ways to showcase the STUNNING baskets by All Across Africa!

Like many people, we fell in LOVE with them shown on the wall in House Beautiful. However, there are just so many ways to incorporate these beautiful items into one’s daily life.  Here are just a few of our faves:

 1. On the wall paired with paintings and photography

Often times we will have a piece of art we are just dying to use in a particular place, but the size is just not quite right. The baskets are a perfect solution for this dilemma! We love them hung just above a piece, in colors that complement the art. This is a GREAT trick to create a larger “visual unit” and adds an unexpected layer of texture to an arrangement.

2. The oval baskets are a PERFECT solution to a cluttered counter top!

The oval is just the right size to hold hand soap, lotion, and a few guest towels while bringing a little color and texture to the Vanity top. Don’t forget a little plate under the soap and lotion to catch any drips. 🙂

Heather Draper recommends using an oval basket to organize products in your bathroom.

Heather Draper recommends using an oval basket to organize products in your bathroom.

3. Our favorite use is as the perfect catch-all in a kitchen or entry way.

We all have the annoying little pile that seems to collect on our surfaces! I say don’t fight with nature, just decorate accordingly! The baskets are the ideal way to corral all those items while ensuring ones home remains stylish!”


Use small baskets, oval baskets, or trays as a great catch-all!

Our many thanks to Heather for her awesome, practical tips on how to use All Across Africa’s products to decorate and organize your home.  Find your perfect wall-hanging, bathroom organizer, or catch-all at


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