7 Ways to Liven up Any Room with Baskets

There are about a billion-and-a-half techniques interior designers will suggest for a room in need of a little extra something. You can paint, hang, throw, or coordinate different colors into strategic schemes that seem to magically and drastically alter a room. One classic and sustainable trend you can always safely turn to is the use of baskets.

There are overwhelming quantities of ways even for a basket to spice up a room, so here are just 7 of the best for any room you’re thinking of livening up!

The Living Room

It’s called “The Living Room” for a reason. This is where you, your family, your friends, and guests will end up spending majority of their time so it’s essential that you find the most optimal way to make this a room that’s enjoyable to be in; our favorite way to accomplish this?

#1 Baskets on the Wall

hang collection of baskets on wallInteriors


baskets_bootstrapprojectThe Bootstrap Project

 The Dining Room

Whether you sit at the dining table for each meal with your family, or only get any use out of it during special holidays, this is a space meant for impressing. Why else are there so many ideas for centerpieces? – Which brings us to our next tip: Centerpieces. Above all else, dining rooms’ signify togetherness. It draws daughters from their room, sons from the dirt, and parents from their jobs, and put them all together in one place if only for a few moments of feasting together. Why not also draw a beautiful basket to the table and add it as a container bringing together multiple purposes: a buffet style, self-service, dinnerware holding, eye-pleasing centerpiece?

#2 A Self-Service Centerpiece

Self-Service CenterpieceThe Pottery Barn

 The Kitchen

Next up is likely everyone’s favorite part of any home. The kitchen is really just a labyrinth of treasures to be discovered – pop-tarts in pantries, chocolates in drawers, cold drinks in refrigerators, and fresh fruits in colorful baskets on countertops that reflect the vibrant warmth the kitchen embodies!

#3 Counter-Top Fruit Basket


 The Master Bedroom

“Home” in general should bring a sense of comfort and relaxation, but what part of the home encapsulates those feelings more than the bedroom? This is the epitome of relaxation in your home and believe it or not, baskets can help you get your room there if it’s not already. A cluttered room is a cluttered mind so this next suggestion is an appealing clutter-catching one. Whether at the foot of your bed holding throw blankets, or all over the place storing all kinds of things, this is a sure way to add some quick clutter solutions in a beautiful way.

#4 Clutter-Catching Comfort

b88169b923eb18a24452fa24ae3c2f15Paulina Arcklin

 astounding-storage-ideas-for-top-bedrooms-closet-unit-and-tall-corner-shelving-and-basketsFont Hoz.

The Laundry Room

Baskets? Laundry room? I’m thinking laundry baskets! With several woven baskets, you can at least have something beautiful to look at while you separate colors into each one. This is just a simple way to add some fun texture and color to an otherwise plain room of clothe-cleaning labor.

#5 More Than a Laundry Basket

View Along The WayView Along The Way


 The Bathroom

I know I said that the bedroom is where one hopes to find the most relaxation, but I failed to remember the bathroom! Once again, cluttered bathroom, cluttered mind. Who can relax like that? A really simple way to give your bathroom character, tuck things away nice and neatly, and optimize your space in there, is through the simple technique of hanging baskets so the tops face parallel to the floor. Store away!

#6 DIY Basket Shelves

baskets (1)Groomed Home

The Kid’s Room

A kid’s room is typically full of colors bouncing everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to tell you’re going for one specific color scheme, so make that color pop. Grab a vibrant wicker or woven basket and make it a ‘catch-all’ to catch all those toys as they enjoy their thirty second rounds of play before being tossed aside and replaced by another. If you have boys and girls, keep their baskets identifiable with their favorite colors!

#7 The Eye-Catching, Catch-All…Toys

paintedbaskets5Young House Love


 We hope you’ve found some inspiration for livening up a room or two with some baskets. There really are innumerable amounts of ways to creatively use baskets for both practical and decorative usages. Got any other fun ideas? Share them with us!



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