Moms Across Africa: The Gifts of Friendship

All Across Africa’s baskets are woven by talented artisans in Uganda and Rwanda, where the very skill is a product of tradition passed down from mother to child. The traditional styles, shapes, and designs hold symbolism defined in the history of the craft. Some signify Unity, while others represent Hope, but there is one that is particularly special this time of year: the Friendship basket.

Friendship Baskets

In Rwandan culture, the cathedral-shaped “friendship” basket symbolizes generosity, gratitude, and compassion, and embodies giving. Due to the rich meaning behind this basket, they’re often filled to the brim with fresh and dried foods and given to friends, family members, or hosts at significant life events as a token of love. As these crafts are woven through an art form passed from mother to child, these baskets of generosity and love make their way from mom, to child, to loved one. In honor of this convicting tradition, let us allow it to transcend into American tradition as we quickly approach the national day set aside to celebrate the influence of many of our own personal practices; the beautiful women we love, look up to, and owe some giving to after all the getting we’ve got from them – Mother’s Day!

All Across Africa in Burundi north to Ngozi

This Mother’s Day, hand your beloved mother a traditional African Friendship basket – made by our Moms Across Africa – filled with things she’ll love. Need some fun ideas? Here are a few local, fair trade, and handcrafted items you can stuff your Friendship basket with as a perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day.

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Sisal & Sweet-grass Woven Coasters

These colorful coasters are from yours truly, All Across Africa. Woven from Sisal and Sweet-grass, the same artisans than bring you Friendship baskets, also bring you some beautiful and practical coasters!

Chocolates, Chocolates, Direct- and Fair-Trade Chocolates!

David Bacco is a local chocolatier located in Mira Mesa. He is a true artist and craftsman, making aesthetically appealing and equally tasteful direct- and fair-trade chocolate creations. 

Recycled-Paper Bead & Woven Jewelry

All Across Africa‘s very own artisans fashion these bright jewelry pieces into a stylish and unique creation. The necklaces and bracelets showcased in the gallery are made from recycled paper that is shredded, crafted, and sealed into firm beads. The pink earrings are a woven creation from natural materials and dyes.

Handcrafted Candles

The fun candles can be found in San Diego’s Seaport Village. No two candles are alike because each one is individually made by the masters of wax of California Candle Gallery!

Artisan Sourced, Locally Roasted Coffee

The bags of coffee and espresso shown here come from local-to-San-Diego coffee shop, James Coffee Co. The owner, David (James) Kennedy, sources his beans from South America and Africa then uses his perfected methodology to craft quality roasted beans in shop.

“Savoring the world only takes place when you get along. The world makes no sense without friendship,” and what truer friends are there than moms?


Buy your friendship basket online or visit us at our storefront location.

10975 San Diego Mission Rd. San Diego, CA 92108

Product Photography: Nathaniel Weir Photography

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